Artist's Statement

I am fascinated by the lonely, harsh, weird and unbalanced qualities of fragmentary dark structures outlined against a dull white sky.

I create abstract 3-dimensional work and printmaking-based collages in black and white.

The 2-dimensional work is built as if it is a structure — I build with lines and cuts in the paper and inked pieces of board.

The 3-dimensional work is constructed with black and white geometric forms. It explores the spacial interaction of the work with its surroundings and the ways in which the work changes as the viewer moves around it.

With Gold, Station, & Installation

In the “With Gold” works I wanted to make objects that are weird and incomprehensible, unknown forms with a lot of energy, arrangements which evoke a big disturbance.

I created the five works over three months at the Bridge Guard Residency in Štúrovo, Slovakia. Each is 48 inches long and 5 inches high with irregular profiles. Two are curved and three have faces at different depths. They are hung well above eye level, forcing the viewer to look up at them, and making the bottom edge an integral aspect. They are not static - they appear very different from different angles, and in different lights.

The works are light greenish-grey painted wood panels with gold leaf, zinc paint, and black and white paint. Gold leaf reflects light above and below them.

Some images of the work in progress are here.

The Station and Installation prints are a continuation of my interest in “something unknown with a lot of energy, something which evokes a big disturbance.” I worked on them at the Kaleidoszkóp Ház in Esztergom, Hungary - one kilometer across the Danube river from the Bridge Guard Residency in Štúrovo. The prints combine drypoint with hard-edged shapes (similar to a relief process) and gold leaf.

H Di.

They are geometric, black and white wall-mounted constructions, partly inspired by atmospheric optical illusions and the awe and mystery that one feels as one observes something that is not physical reality.

Some images of models and the work in progress are here.
This project has been supported by a grant from the Artists' Resource Trust.

work dated 2008

They are abstract black & white works on paper, inspired by fragmentary dark structures outlined against a dull white sky.

I construct my work with hard-edged forms and lines, with cut paper and black printing ink, with the whites of paper and tape, with the ragged black of a drypoint line and the grey of the paper from the plate tone. I cut the paper and mend it, sometimes darkening the cut with ink. I glue stiff strips of cardboard, blackened with ink, to the paper. I peel back the grey surface of the paper, revealing white beneath the light grey film of ink. I extend irregular shapes and angular lines beyond the edge of the paper, and 3-dimensionally off of the surface.

Instead of drawing a picture of an imagined lonely structure in a barren nature, I am building that structure with heavy paper and printing ink.

work dated 2007

The prints are the structures.

They are no longer depictions of structures, they have become the structure.

Originally the prints were records of what others had built — now, they are the structures that I build.

work dated 2005 - 2006

The prints are Abstractions of imagined structures, objects, cities or landscapes, conveying resonance or connection. They exist bleak & lonely, yet heroic.

The figure is not present, though most prints reference man-made structures — those which the figure built before he gave up & left. The disintegrating remains of a dream that was felt strongly, acted upon, & then failed.

I blend influences of Futurism & Constructivism — art that was made with great passion when anything was possible — with an eye that sees how the built-work of brilliant dreams physically fades & ages, & still remains as inspiring.